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Our Aims

What? - This is set up to be a grant making philanthropic project to support local causes and charities in North Cyprus which we believe to be deserving of help, and which is to be a force for good, following the aims of the recently registered charitable trust set up in U.K and known as The Little Society.

Who? – Our main emphasis is on children and children’s causes whilst considering offering support to other deserving charitable efforts especially where they directly or indirectly help children.

Where? - Our objective is to help the needy, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged in society by way of support wherever they may be found and irrespective of racial origin, to any cause where it is unable to reach its own objectives due to lack of funding and finance. In some instances this could be individuals or independent groups not otherwise helped by any registered charity.

How? - This is to be a helping hand basis and not just a handout., in line with the activities of The Little Society in U.K. When a need is discovered that fits the criteria of this fund then in most instances the money will not be handed over, but goods will. However, in every instance it is hoped that publicity and the raising of awareness of the needs and the organizations we can help will be of value to encourage others to support.


Why? The aim of helping children is because they can have their lives, their hopes and their happiness harmed at an early stage of their lives, and it is our wish to endeavour to help the children of Northern Cyprus as much as we are able to attempt to minimize any damaging due to deprivation.


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